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All for Nikki

All for Nikki

Movie was released on 2020-05-11, the IMDB rating is 5,0 (upd: 07-07-2020) and lasts 88 min. All for Nikki belongs to the following categories: Comedy, Crime. Directed by Brandon Willer, Jonathan Betzler.


Failed musician Kyle Cassidy is in love with Nikki Duke, the charismatic wife of an abusive rock star who’s away on tour. After a wild evening at the Dukes’ Hollywood Hills mansion, Nikki passes out and bumps her head. Kyle, in a drug-fueled panic, calls 911. When two newly partnered paramedics arrive at the scene, they rouse Nikki, patch up Kyle, and then attempt to rob the pair – a plan that quickly goes awry, sending the group on a dark, hilarious adventure into the Los Angeles night.

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