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Jules of Light and Dark

Jules of Light and Dark

Movie was released on 2018-10-20, the IMDB rating is 4,9 (upd: 10-17-2020) and lasts 85 min. Directed by Daniel Laabs.


In present-day Texas, Maya (Tallie Medel) and her on again, off again girlfriend Jules (Betsy Holt) total their car after a night of backwoods raving and teen mischief. They’re rescued from the wreckage by Freddy (Robert Longstreet), a divorced oil worker whose stoic facade crumbles as he comes to see himself, and his repressed desires, in Maya. As Jules recovers, Maya and Freddy develop a rapport that dulls the debilitating silence of their small-town lives. Together, they subtly encourage one another to chase after what they want the most (or at least figure out what that might be).


IMDb: 4.9

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