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Magic Piano

Magic Piano

Movie was released on 2011-02-07, the IMDB rating is 7,6 (upd: 09-15-2020) and lasts 33 min. Magic Piano belongs to the following categories: Adventure, Animation, Family. Directed by Martin Clapp.


3-D puppet animation adventure about two kids from Warsaw in Poland who discover an old piano in amongst a pile of junk that transforms into a magical flying machine. The kids, Anna and her cousin Chip Chip, use the Flying Machine to fly across Europe to find Anna’s father in London. Before it happens, they have to learn how to fly the magical machine… On their way they have to navigate an obstacle course of hot air-balloons, swoop into Paris on a mission of the flying machine, weather a fierce storm in the English Channel, and with sunset fast approaching find dad in the big darkening city of London. Before they reach him they are torn from the flying machine by a magic storm, and find themselves back in the pile of junk in Warsaw. However maybe the Dad saw something in the stormy skies of London, because the next day he comes home to his daughter.

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Genre: AdventureAnimationFamily



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IMDb: 7.6

Source of images: www.themoviedb.org
Magic Piano
Source of images: www.themoviedb.org