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Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future (US, Disney Channel) aired on 2004 and belongs to the following categories: Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi & Fantasy. The IMDB rating is 6,9 (updated 12-04-2020). Tv-Show directed by Douglas Tuber, Tim Maile. Disney Channel aired 2 seasons and 42 episodes for now.


Meet the Diffy family, a futuristic family from the year 2121. When the eccentric dad, Lloyd, rents a time machine for their family vacation, everyone is excited. But then something goes wrong. Their time machine malfunctions and they are thrown out of the space/time continuum in the year 2004.

Views: 205

Genre: ComedyFamilySci-Fi & Fantasy

Director: ,


TV Status: Ended

Duration: 22 min


TMDb: 6.9



Starring: , , , , ,

Source of images: www.themoviedb.org
Phil of the Future
Source of images: www.themoviedb.org