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The Mama Sherpas

The Mama Sherpas

Movie was released on 2015-07-21, the IMDB rating is 7,3 (upd: 10-25-2020) and lasts 76 min. The Mama Sherpas belongs to the following categories: Documentary. Directed by Brigid Maher.


In 2012, one in three babies in America were delivered by c-section, despite the World Health Organization’s recommendation that Cesarean births remain below 15 percent. How can these disturbing trend be reversed? In recent years, the idea of a collaborative care practice where doctors and midwives manage women’s care together has begun to gain traction in the United States. The Mama Sherpas is a feature-length documentary film about women receiving their maternity care through midwife-doctor teams. We follow nurse midwives, the doctors they work with, and their patients to provide an investigative lens into how midwives work within the hospital system.

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Genre: Documentary



IMDb: 7.3

Source of images: www.themoviedb.org
The Mama Sherpas
Source of images: www.themoviedb.org